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Dear Friends

Below is a selection of lectures you may be interested in joining online during the next few months, April-June 2021. 

Further information is available from The Mother Church Web Site, Find a lecture page.

There are also pre-recorded lectures on The Mother Church Website, Lectures online page

Lecture Selection

Tuesday 13 April 2021 at 7.00pm BST
Lecture: Spiritual Discovery: How you can better the world
Lecturer: Tom McIlroy
Webinar URL: - contact for login details

Thursday 22 April at 7.30pm BST
Lecture: Christian Science: A Clearer View of you
Lecturer: Lyle Young
Webinar URL
Sponsored by FCCS Woking - contact for login details

Saturday 24 April at 7.00pm BST
Lecture: Breaking news: Freedom is ours
Lecturer: Patricia Woodard
Webinar URL:
Sponsored by FCCS  Croydon - contact for login details

Sunday 25 April at 3.30 pm BST
Lecture: A Spiritual revolution: The quest to experience God
Lecturer: Giulia Nesi Tetreau
Webinar URL
Sponsored by FCCS Poughkeepsie, New York

Friday 14 May at 12.30pm BST and Thursday 20 May at 12.30pm BST
Lecture: God’s-Eye View of You!
Lecturer: Fujiko Signs
Sponsored by FCCS Reading - contact for login details   

Tuesday 18 May at 8.00pm BST
Lecture: Christian Science – A Clearer View of You
Lecturer: Lyle Young
Sponsored by FCCS Edinburgh

Sunday 6 June at 3.00pm BST
Lecture: How spiritual perception brings healing
Lecturer: Alexandre Fischer
Webinar see - find a lecture for further details
Sponsored by Warsaw Society - contact for login details This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

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