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First Church of Christ, Scientist, Bedford

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We meet for Sunday School every Sunday at 11 a.m. Everyone up to the age of 20 is welcome. We learn from the Bible and from Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures.

We decided to base our Sunday School web page on the idea of "God is everywhere" --- so you can see Him everywhere on this page! Here are some true stories we've written about using the idea of "God is everywhere" to help us:

When I had a hard Maths Sum, God helped me and I got it right. He helped me figure it out! Timothy

I was running down the road and I fell on the pavement, hurting my knees. I went back into the house. My mum comforted me. She said that I was God's child and could never fall or be hurt, because God's Love was always looking after me. We thought about the hymn "O Gentle Presence". This helped me loads. Although my knees hurt for a few days, I was able to walk, run and play as usual. I was very grateful to know that God could help me at any time. Dictated by Ryan to mum

God helped me ride my bike without stabilisers. Annabel

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